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Having started several small businesses of his own, CEO Rich Manners recognized a lack of true “back office” services for entrepreneurs and businesses with less than 10 employees. With a vision to bring comprehensive payroll, human resource, and benefit services otherwise unavailable to smaller professionals, Rich formed MyBackOffice in 2001.

Part of Rich’s philosophy includes the notion that business is like a game of Monopoly; it should be fun to play and participants should experience the joy of contributing and competing. At MyBackOffice, our main goal is to give small businesses and their owners back the joy of “focusing on what they love”, growing the businesses that they are passionate about.

For over 16 years, MBO has grown to help both domestic and international clients manage their businesses with the prestige and efficiency of larger organizations. Our wide range of employer services coupled with our high-touch, personalized approach has enabled over 300 clients run their business successfully. Call us today to see how we can help take your business from Baltic Avenue to Park Place.