Our Team

MyBackOffice, located in Tampa, Florida, is made up of a team of diverse backgrounds which include experience in small business start-ups, non-profits and international markets. As a proponent of small businesses, we are involved in several groups in Tampa that allow us to support and mentor entrepreneurs and new business owners. By utilizing our varied life experiences, we each bring special skills and knowledge to our clients in a way that large companies can not offer. In addition, Managing Director Kristin Johnson and CEO Rich Manners share a great support for women in the workplace and are proud to empower the MBO team to achieve a healthy work and family balance.

MyBackOffice is also passionate about giving back to our community and we proudly support various charities through the MBO Giving Fund. This fund allows our team to provide monetary support (coupled with volunteer service) to organizations that focus on providing short-term aid to those in need. With an emphasis on assisting individuals with requests such as temporary help with utilities, child care costs, etc. Through this the MBO Giving Fund reaches families with the support they need to get back on their feet. For specific requests, please contact us directly at (888) 901-8150.

Rich Manners

Kristin Johnson

Deborah Purcell

Anne Manners